I get a lot of support requests nowadays from people who have lost their access to their local library.
We get it fixed for the majority, regardless of whether you are using my SonoPhone or SonoPad app

So here are my insights about typical ‘patterns’ and how to fix them.

  • 80% of users: they install my app and get instant access to their music library ‘out of the box’. The reason for this is that the music library is still set up with Sonos; just their app hides important features (like searching in your library, for some time also the playlist feature was gone).
    • You get additional benefit from features like
      • Backwards compatibility with S1 devices (they are shown transparently along with the S2 devices)
      • Backwards compatibility with iOS12 – yes, you can use your older devices (or give them to your children) to operate your system
      • Drag + Drop zone management
      • Various playlist modification modes (‘always ask’, ‘always replace’, ‘always add next’, ..)
      • A lot of people also report they consider the app to be much more ‘snappier’
  • 15% of users: for some users, Sonos ‘lost’ the connection to your library and it just needs to be setup again (see below). There are easy cases where this works out of the box (and one wonders, why the access was dropped in the first place) and more complicated ones where you get an ‘error 913’, which has often to do with access rights (see below for further tips).
  • 5% of users: shared their music via a very old NAS which just supports the SMB1 protocol. Sonos dropped support for this, my App cannot circumvent it.

For all cases it’s important to know, that (even with my app) you still have to configure your music library properly with Sonos. The reason why my app needs you to configure your music library via Sonos is, that in the end, it’s the Sonos boxes that need to connect to your music to play it. The app alone ‘just’ selects tracks; it’s the Sonos boxes, that download and play the music.

My app doesn’t come with administrative settings for the first time setup of the Sonos boxes, so we will still do it with Sonos tools (but not their app, which at the time of writing, doesn’t support setting up the library anymore).

What you should do: download the Windows (or Mac) App from Sonos (you can download it here https://support.sonos.com/downloads). It still supports configuring the music library, as it is based on the ‘old’ code base,

Again: please be aware, that Sonos dropped support for the (old and insecure) “SMB1” protocol. SMB2 is now required. Please check your NAS / Time Capsule, if it can also support this newer format of file shares.

If you just share a network drive and don’t have a NAS and get the ‘913’ error, look into one of the following (Windows vs. Mac) articles: 

From Sonos the official documentation: https://support.sonos.com/en-us/article/error-913-when-adding-a-music-library-share

Community Forum for Windows/PC: https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-and-music-services-229131/913-error-code-6894291?postid=16733862#post16733862

Community Forum for Mac: https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-and-music-services-229131/how-to-solve-the-error-913-music-library-on-a-mac-6894161

Once your library has been setup properly, my app supports the library fully. This includes the search, changing the playlist, triggering a rescan.

I hope this helps to get your library up and running. I’m getting a lot of responses that it works the way described here, so give it a try!