I recently stumbled across the site luxusschall.de, a reseller of Sonos gear that is able to style your Sonos boxes.
As I’m from Berlin I couldn’t resist to order a box with a Berlin skyline and here is the result.


Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Shortly after I met with Pascal Hölscher (one of the founders) in Berlin to have some nice coffee and getting some questions answered.
Best thing about it: I’m able to offer SonoPad users a discount on Sonos gear now (see instructions at the end of the article).

Hi Pascal, nice to meet you here in Berlin! How long are you running your Luxusschall offering already?

We started in 2012 and grew steadily since as an authorized Sonos reseller.

You offer to “Style your Sonos”. How is it done, can you style all of my Sonos boxes?

We typically style the body of the Sonos boxes with the help of our professional airbrush artist. You can see some of the designs on our facebook page! Almost everything is possible and we are only limited by your creativity. On Play:5 we also support to style the grill.

We did try to be able to style the grill of the Play:3 as well. Unfortunately it is attached to the body too hard, we were not able to remove it without leaving signs on the body. Cost us one Play:3 but it was worth the try 😉

How long do you typically need to style a Sonos box?

We typically need 14 days to have your box styled.

What was the most surprising wish, some customer had to date?

 This was definitely a Sonos box styled as the “Pink Pig” from Porsche. You will find it on our facebook page.

(I didn’t know about a “Pink Pig” so looked it up in the meantime  — so here is a picture from the Porsche and the Sonos box:)



(pink pig picture taken from Flickr by Harry Alverson http://www.flickr.com/photos/alverson/)


Are you able to serve international customers?

Absolutely! We are working together with a professional distributor, so sending stuff abroad isn’t a problem at all!

Why would I buy at Luxusschall and not Amazon or Sonos directly?

At Luxusschall you will have a much more personalized experience. We are there to help if something is not working as you expect.
With the help of our distributor we are able to send your order typically on the same workday – so you also don’t need to wait any longer than via other channels.
Last but not least: We can offer discounts for SonoPad users 🙂

Just create an account on our site and write an email to info@luxusschall.de with the word “SonoPad offer” in the subject. We will then setup your account with special SonoPad prices. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Wow – that sounds great! I’m sure people will love it, Thanks a lot four your time!