I have just released my first update: it adds support for the WiMP and Juke music services.

Both are available here in Europe:

WiMP started in Norway / Sweden but is available in Germany + Denmark now as well.
Juke is available in Germany only I’m afraid – but Sonos put a lot of advertising on almost each bus stop before christmas – bundling 6 month of free Juke music and a Play:3 so I just felt it was right to support it as well.

I do like both services much better than Spotify right now (when it comes to Sonos integration), as they do have much more possibilities.

For instance WiMP is the first music service I implemented, that supports building sort of a personal library (directly on your Sonos remote). You can mark each album you found via search as your favorite – and it will be then available in a separate menu. This is really cool as it reminds me of the times when I was buying CDs … walking through the store with a wealth of music available but finally deciding upon one, that was listened to the next week or months …

And of course one does not need to start the native App of the respective service.

Here is a snapshot how WiMP looks like in SonoPad now:

By the way – this menu will be localized based on the region settings of your iPad …

I guess I’ll contintue with Napster/Rhapsody now …