Recently I got some questions via support, whether SonoPad still runs under iOS5 and whether it will still work with the latest Sonos 5.1 6.4 update.

First of all: thanks a lot for asking before upgrading! One never knows if there are new incompatibilities introduced and we have to remember that Sonos doesn’t share any information with me. So all I can do is to run their Betas regularly and adopt accordingly.

The good news: Everything is still working, Sonos did a great job in staying backwards compatible with their latest 5.1 version!
If we compare that to Apple: they force me to do some changes otherwise the App does crash instantly on iOS8 (fixed already, update is in review and ready when iOS8 will be final).

As you remember, SonoPad also still runs under iOS5 – so if you want to keep using your iPad1 there is nothing that can prevent you doing so.

I’m owning an iPad1 myself still – lets keep the fingers crossed that it continues to work (despite my 4yo son using it regularly 😉 ).