SonoPad 1.6.0 just got released by Apple and comes with new possibilities for integration with other home automation Apps.

I extended the options for starting my App (see instructions here: which allows you now to start with a specific menu.

This is very useful if you always want to start e.g. with the favorites menu. If you are only using one service, you might also want to start with the main menu of this specific service?

Here are two example URLs to make this work:

sonopad://?defaultMenu=<someservice>  (see below)

When it is supported you can also dive into the search of a musicservice with the following URL:


Of course these options also work with the existing one. So you can also start with a specific zone, music service and reaturn URL all at once:


Here is the full documentation for the new options.


defaultMenu=xyztells SonoPad to start with a specific menu. The following IDs are working right now:favorites, mymusic, musicservices, albums, artists,  composers, tracks, genres, playlists, folders, radio

You can also dive into music services menus, please see instructions below.

defaultSubMenu=searchonly used with the option ‘search’ right now


It used to be easy to dive into music services menus as well with simple IDs, but then Sonos introduced that you can configure multiple accounts of one music service. So lets find out the parameters to tell SonoPad to start with a specific music service.

Please find out the IP-address of one of your Sonos boxes (can be looked up in the “About Sonos” from the desktop controller. Also the official App will show IP addresses in one of the settings screen).

Then call the URL
on your browser (replace the IP address).
A list of all your configured music service accounts will appear. You will need the values from the “Type” and “UN” column.
Now for the defaultMenu in the URL use the following pattern:
For Spotify it will typically be
The ‘0’ before the “Token” might be different, this depends on when you configured the account with Sonos.
ALAS, wait, we are not finished yet!!!
URLs don’t like the “#” sign. This one must be replaced with “%23”.
The final URL for a typical Spotify menu thus will look like:

Replace the values with what you find on /status/accounts page for any other music service.

Hope you like the new possibilities.

Rock on!