Tap To Play

One of the main differences between SonoPad and the official Sonos App is how it reacts when you tap on a song or track.
SonoPad (as a default) just starts to play this song, which is why I decided to name this feature “Tap to Play”.

I think this subtle difference does save you a lot of taps in your whole life – at least in my world I often just want to listen to stuff and not be bothered by creating playlists or building a “queue”.
There is another shortcut by the way – just tap on the album cover in the menu – it will start to play instantly.

In the official SonosApp instead of one tap you’ll need three (tap on album, tap on ‘all tracks’, choose something from the popup menu).

If course this default might not always be what you want, so what are the alternatives?

Alternative #1: do a long press on the album cover or a playable item.

A small context menu will appear giving you the usual option to also put a track or album to the end of the playlist or after the currently playing track.

Alternative #2: change the default setting

On the settings screen of SonoPad (small button on the bottom right) you will find an option name “playlist modification mode”.

You will have 4 options there:

Always replace -> the default of SonoPad, like described above
Always ask -> this is what the Sonos App does
Always add next
Always add to end

The last two option are really cool if you want to build a playlist really fast. Just choose ‘always add to end’ and start tapping through your library. How cool is this?

Or what about your next party? I prefer ‘Always Add Next’ there. Just hand your iPad around and watch your guests having fun building the playlist …