I just realize, that I didn’t write anything for quite some while 🙂

With the latest updates from Sonos, people wonder how the compatibility of SonoPad is.

Some thought about it:

  • SonoPad was always an app, that tries to have the biggest range of compatibility. Right now we have to care for two partners:
    • Sonos: we are compatible to all Sonos S1 + S2 devices, currently available on the market. We show Sonos S1 + S2 in the same players list. Sonos still keeps them as separated networks, so you will not be able to group players among S1+S2. You should further be aware, that you will need Sonos S1 und S2 apps to configure your devices. For instance you will need to setup music services once for all S1 devices, and then S2 devices likewise
    • Apple: Apple has policies, what development environment I’m allowed to used. For instance on latest MacBooks, only the latest development environment works, which can only create software for a certain minimum iOS version. Also the AppStore has rules, what minimum version of their SDKs you are forced to use (which in turn force you into a minimum supportable iOS version). At the time of writing this all boils down that I’m able to support IOS12. This means SonoPad can run on 10year old devices like first iPad Air from 2013, second generation of iPad Mini (from 2013) and iPad 5th generation (from 2017).
  • Music Library: Sonos supports integrating your music library. For some reason they removed some features from their app, however: they didn’t change anything in the firmware, so actually everything still works as you are used to be.
    • for setting up your music library, you will need to download one of Sonos’ desktop apps (https://support.sonos.com/downloads). Then the boxes still index your library and internally also provide a search
    • SonoPad still shows you a search button in the menu of your music library. In addition you will also find a button to trigger a rescan of your library
  • Playlists: SonoPad support manipulating (and saving/loading) your playlists. When you select a track, it replaces the current playlist as the default behaviour. A long press on a menu item also shows you a context menu with additional options like “Add Next”, “Add to End”. In the settings of SonoPad you will also find an option “playlist modification mode”, to change the default behaviour.
  • Favorites: doing a long press on an item also allows you to create new favorites in Sonos.

Hope this helps you all a bit 😀