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Improved Home Automation Integration (Part II)

SonoPad 1.6.0 just got released by Apple and comes with new possibilities for integration with other home automation Apps.

I extended the options for starting my App (see instructions here: which allows you now to start with a specific menu.

This is very useful if you always want to start e.g. with the favorites menu. If you are only using one service, you might also want to start with the …

Improved Home Automation Integration (Part I)

SonoPad 1.4.0 comes with Improved Home Automation Integration.

Those of you doing home automation, typically use a different App as their main remote control App. Typical examples are CommandFusion , iRule for simple tasks or more advanced Apps like KNX ProServ.

These tools often allow you to start a different App with a short …

It’s all about knowing your music – SonoPads integrated browser

If you are like me, music is not only about the tunes, but also about bands and artists. Unfortunately always looking them up and learning about them is (was) a tedious task … open the browser, surf to your favorite search engine, enter your keywords … and if you want to look somewhere else start all over. Until now! SonoPad comes with an integrated browser ready to look up all relevant …

Tap to Play – how to configure and use it

One of the main differences between SonoPad and the official Sonos App is how it reacts when you tap on a song or track. SonoPad (as a default) just starts to play this song, which is why I decided to name this feature “Tap to Play”.

I think this subtle difference does save you a lot of taps in your whole life – at least in my world I often …