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SonoPad 1.1.0 with WiMP and Juke support

I have just released my first update: it adds support for the WiMP and Juke music services.

Both are available here in Europe:

WiMP started in Norway / Sweden but is available in Germany + Denmark now as well. Juke is available in Germany only I’m afraid – but Sonos put a lot of advertising on almost each bus stop before christmas – bundling 6 month of free Juke music …

SonoPad arrives on the iPad (and why the hell did I write an App for Sonos at all?)

It’s done!

After a long journey that started back in July SonoPad made it into the AppStore right for christmas. Writing an App for Sonos turned out to be much more work than I had anticipated before – so I’m happy to have the very first version out now.

But let me introduce myself first: My name is Stefan, I am living in Berlin/Germany and I am writing Apps as …

[Poll] What should be in one of the next versions of SonoPad?

Please use this poll to give me some indication about what you find important in one of the next versions of SonoPad.

Of course you can also write about your own ideas in the comments section of this post!

[Poll] What music service should be added next to SonoPad?

Sonos supports a lot of musicservices, only two are missing. Both come with really complicated technical difficulties, so I’m not sure, if I’m able to include them in a future version.

Please provide me with some indication about what service is the most important to you: