SonoPad 1.1.0 with WiMP and Juke support

I have just released my first update: it adds support for the WiMP and Juke music services. Both are available here in Europe: WiMP started in Norway / Sweden but is available in Germany + Denmark now as well. Juke is available in Germany only I’m afraid – but Sonos put a lot of advertising on almost each bus stop before christmas – bundling 6 month of free Juke music and a Play:3 so I just felt it was right…

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SonoPad arrives on the iPad (and why the hell did I write an App for Sonos at all?)

It’s done! After a long journey that started back in July SonoPad made it into the AppStore right for christmas. Writing an App for Sonos turned out to be much more work than I had anticipated before – so I’m happy to have the very first version out now. But let me introduce myself first: My name is Stefan, I am living in Berlin/Germany and I am writing Apps as hobby 🙂 … three years ago I started using Squeezeboxes…

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[Poll] What music service should be added next to SonoPad?

Sonos supports a lot of musicservices, only two are missing. Both come with really complicated technical difficulties, so I’m not sure, if I’m able to include them in a future version. Please provide me with some indication about what service is the most important to you: [polldaddy poll=”6736169″]

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